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Use of English in Japanese Signs and Store Names

Fortunately, Japanese Airports and train stations have a more than decent use of English which allows the weary traveller a seamless transit. However, the use of English is Japan goes beyond the practical and is often seen in a fashionable manner. It is therefore surprisingly easy to know what is being sold in the stores and shopping centres. Sometimes, It may take a long while, if not forever, to understand the meaning, some examples are: “Become heated paradise” and “dream song into my world”. Whether they are funny or informative, English signs in Japan will prove valuable, especially to know where to go shopping, and provide an occasional good laugh!

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Gaijin San

Since my better half is Japanese I often have the chance to travel to Japan. I grew fond over time of this magnificent country. I thought of sharing with you some places worth visiting in this little but growing travel guide to Japan. I try to show with images what I can't express with words. I hope you may find here some inspiration! For those who wonder, I chose the moniker Gaijin-San after being called like this by a waitress at a grilled eel restaurant. "Gaijin" means foreigner and "San" is a honorific suffix in Japanese.

2 thoughts on “Use of English in Japanese Signs and Store Names”

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the great pictures. I would like to use the picture “English signs at Japanese train station” in a presentation I’m giving at my work about differences between Japanese and Western Business culture. Would it be ok if I used the picture?
    Thanks for your consideration.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      You may use the picture “English signs at Japanese train station” in your presentation as long as it is not for commercial purpose (to educate people about Japan is fine though!) and I would appreciate if you give proper reference to the website.

      I am also curious to know about the differences in business culture!

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