Tokyo Station

Tokyo station is the main railway station of the city of Tokyo, and the busiest train station in terms of train frequency. It deserves both local and Shinkansen super-express trains. The Tokyo station went under extensive renovations from 2007 to 2012 and attracts a lot of visitors to the newly revamped Marunouchi wing.

The station’s outside is reminiscent of a past and glorious era but don’t be mistaken, the station itself is very modern. Several buildings around the station offer fantastic viewpoints: I will try to cover some of those later. The greatest attraction at Tokyo station is unmistakably the two revamped domes located on each side. Although you might be busy with connecting trains. I strongly suggest you to visit the area at some point during your visit of Japan.

Here’s a short time-lapse video I made of Tokyo station a while ago!

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Country: Japan
Area : Kanto area
Prefecture : Tōkyō-to
City : Chiyoda-ku
District : Marunouchi
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Since my better half is Japanese I often have the chance to travel to Japan. I grew fond over time of this magnificent country. I thought of sharing with you some places worth visiting in this little but growing travel guide to Japan. I try to show with images what I can't express with words. I hope you may find here some inspiration! For those who wonder, I chose the moniker Gaijin-San after being called like this by a waitress at a grilled eel restaurant. "Gaijin" means foreigner and "San" is a honorific suffix in Japanese.

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    1. Thanks David,
      Essentially, you need a camera and a tripod, that’s very important for steady shots. For the speed-up effect, I took photos every 2 seconds. Some cameras have options to take photos at a specific lapse but sometimes it is necessary to buy an intervalometer. I recommend this article ( or this one ( for more details. For post-processing, I used Adobe Premiere to put all the images together. There’s a fair bit of trial and error going on in the process but its a lot of fun. Hope it helps!

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