The Japanese Mansion

A Japanese mansion, pronounced manshon, is not a large and expensive house the name would suggest. Mansion is used in Japanese to describe a typical apartment complex. Interestingly, individual apartments at mansions are usually accessed from outside through a balcony running along the building. Although everyone has access to this balcony, it lacks privacy and seems rarely used to enjoy nice weather or eat outside. The latter is not popular in Japan and terraces at restaurants are practically nonexistent. The mansion is well adapted to the Japanese climate, which rarely justifies the necessity of access corridors to protect inhabitants from the cold.

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Gaijin San

Since my better half is Japanese I often have the chance to travel to Japan. I grew fond over time of this magnificent country. I thought of sharing with you some places worth visiting in this little but growing travel guide to Japan. I try to show with images what I can't express with words. I hope you may find here some inspiration! For those who wonder, I chose the moniker Gaijin-San after being called like this by a waitress at a grilled eel restaurant. "Gaijin" means foreigner and "San" is a honorific suffix in Japanese.

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