Yanagawa river boat tour

Yanagawa is renowned for the the many hundred kilometers of canals wandering across the city. Those canals that were once used for commercial transportation are now used by tourists taking part of a boat tour of the city. The tour guides steer the boats by using long perches to push on the canal’s bottom, propelling the boat forward. Our guide was a charming individual. I’m sure his guided tour was quite nice but I didn’t catch too much of his Japanese. It didn’t really matter because he was quite an entertainer, mostly singing folkloric songs along the way. Halfway during the trip, our guide stopped at a dock where stores were selling ice cream and beer which could be purchased from the boat! Highly recommend on a hot day! I’ll keep fond memories of the day I spent in Yanagawa.

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Country: Japan
Area : Kyushu area
Prefecture : Fukuoka-ken
City : Yanagawa-shi
District : Mitsuhashimachi Takahatake
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