Climbing Mount Fuji by the Yoshida trail

We climbed Mount Fuji by the Yoshida trail which starts from the city of Fujiyoshida on August 27th, the day after the Mount Fuji fire festival. After riding up the Mount Fuji toll road by car we were at the 5th station and ready to start climbing at 5 AM. The climb was steep all the way but posed no major difficulty. The presence of switchbacks all the way to the summit make the climb achievable to novice mountain climbers. I strongly advise to cover up with clothes and hat and to put plenty of sunscreen. I went up “gaijin style” and ended up with severe sunburns all over. Let me tell you that it was very painful at the Onsen afterwards! We came back to the 5th station and to the car in the middle of the afternoon but I suggest to novice climbers to have a night at the lodges along the way, it must definitely add to the experience to stay a night on Mount Fuji!

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Country: Japan
Area : Chubu area
Prefecture : Shizuoka-ken
City : Fujinomiya-shi
District : Kitayama
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