Hells of Beppu: Kannawa District

Beppu is renowned as one of the best hot spring towns of all Japan. Thanks to the region’s volcanic activity, plenty of hot water heated deep in the Earth’s crust flows to the sufrace and supplies the many Onsen resorts of the city.

The hells of Beppu (jigoku) are found in two districts, the Shibaseki district and Kannawa district, which is shown here. They are tourist attractions featuring hot springs. While some of them are quite impressive, their quality is not equal and one may wish to choose to visit only some of the most spectacular.

In my opinion, the Kannawa district has the nicest hells and is much easier to access compared to the Shibaseki district. My top picks are without hesitation the Umi Jigoku (sea hell) and Oniishibozu Jigoku which are located to the West of Kannawa District. In addition to the hot springs, the two hells boast beautiful gardens.

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Prefecture : Ōita-ken
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District : Kannawa
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