Things to do in Tokyo

You have booked your plane ticket to Japan already and you know you will be spending several days in Tokyo. You are about to visit the most populous metropolitan area in the world, you certainly don’t want to waste your time and miss the best Tokyo has to offer. Here’s GaijinSan’s suggestions of the best things to do in Tokyo. Those attractions are not necessarily listed in order and are all pretty awesome in their own ways.

Gundam Odaiba
ODAIBA Odaiba is Tokyo’s futuristic entertainment island with buildings of rather unusual shapes, giant Gundam robots, Ferris wheel, cinemas and large shopping centers. As a plus to visiting Odaiba, you’ll get to cross the iconic Rainbow Bridge and have a fantastic view of Tokyo from the bay.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower
TOKYO METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT BUILDINGThe Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building provides two free observation decks to visitors from which one can observe Tokyo’s skyline from the modern business district of Shinjuku.

Taking photos of Tokyo Imperial Palace
TOKYO IMPERIAL PALACE Japan is still a Monarchy and the Emperor and Empress live in their palace at the heart of Tokyo. Access to the palace is forbidden but one can still observe parts of the palace from afar. While you are there you should also see the The Imperial Palace East Gardens and take a stroll in the Marunouchi business district.

Lights of Roppongi Hills by night
ROPPONGI HILLS Roppongi Hills is a modern urban complex that caters to your entertainment needs. The main attraction of the tower is the observation deck from which you can have an awesome view of Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, Haneda Airport, and not the least, Mount Fuji.

Taiko drum of Meiji Jingu
MEIJI JINGU SHRINE Meiji Jingu is the most important shrine of Tokyo. It is surrounded by a large park and offers an insight on Japan’s religious traditions. Don’t forget to purify your hands at the well before entering the premises.

Sensoji front door
SENSOJI TEMPLE ASAKUSA Sensoji Temple is the most important temple in Tokyo. It is located in the old district of Asakusa where the feeling of old Tokyo is best preserved. Whether you visit the region during the day or the night, it has a lot to offer, especially for tasting local food.

View Of Tokyo From Tokyo Skytree
View Of Tokyo From Tokyo Skytree

TOKYO SKYTREE Tokyo Skytree is now the tallest tower in the world and the highest building in Japan. Not bad for a country constantly shaken by Earthquakes! From its upper observatory at a respectable 450m above see level, Tokyo Skytree offers without any doubt the best sight of Tokyo’s skyline.

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Since my better half is Japanese I often have the chance to travel to Japan. I grew fond over time of this magnificent country. I thought of sharing with you some places worth visiting in this little but growing travel guide to Japan. I try to show with images what I can't express with words. I hope you may find here some inspiration! For those who wonder, I chose the moniker Gaijin-San after being called like this by a waitress at a grilled eel restaurant. "Gaijin" means foreigner and "San" is a honorific suffix in Japanese.

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