2 thoughts on “Inside Lodge On Mount Fuji”

  1. Hello!
    Did you stay at the Miharashi-kan hut?
    If so, how was your stay and did you book in advance?
    I am planning on hiking up Fuji this summer.

    Thank you!

  2. Hello Kim,

    I am very sorry for the slow reply. I was very busy at work recently.
    Yes, I did stay at the Miharashi-kan hut. The stay was nice. I found the mattress
    to be a bit hard but it is probably the standard on any hut on mount Fuji. The meal
    was curry with rice and they prepared a breakfast for us to bring on the trail
    the next day. A colleague at work booked for our group. We stayed on a Sunday to
    avoid the Saturday crowd… I wish you the best for you Mount Fuji climb!

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