Climbing Mount Fuji by the Subashiri Trail

Some coworkers in my research lab organized a trip to Mount Fuji this past summer. Although it is possible to reach the summit and come back in a single day, like I did before by taking the Fujiyoshida trail, we elected this time to spend a night at a lodge and take the Subashiri trail. We started our hike at the Subashiri fifth station in early afternoon and reached our lodge in late afternoon. At the lodge, we had curry for dinner and spent most of our evening enjoying the beautiful scenery. After a very short and rather uncomfortable night, we woke up at 2 in the morning to start our night ascent of the summit of Mount Fuji. The trail was so crowded and the climb up was slow but it was an exciting experience to see all the hikers heading up the famous volcano with their headlamps. We summited at around 4AM, just in time to witness the amazing sunrise while eating our breakfast. We then headed down by the osunabashiri (Gotemba is the official name) trail which is so sandy that many chose to run all the way down. 

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Country: Japan
Area : Chubu area
Prefecture : Shizuoka-ken
City : Gotenba-shi
District : Nakabata
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