Find train schedule easily in Japan, with Jorudan.

Finding a good train route or schedule in Japan can sometimes be tricky, but with the right tool it can become much easier. Of course, google map can do it, but its interface can be sometimes complicated to use while in a rush.

That is where Jorudan becomes handy. With its clean interface that is easy to use on any smartphone, one quickly understands why it is a popular choice among the Japanese. Whether you need to take metro in Tokyo, local trains in the countryside or move rapidly across the country with the Shinkansen, Jorudan has all the info necessary, and will provide a route with transit time as smooth as it can be.


Tokyo at night, a wonderful portrait of Tokyo’s nighttime cityscape by Sandro Bisaro

Tokyo is really a wonderful city to explore at night. Not only the streets are safer than any other metropolis in the world, but the place simply looks like a gigantic oceans of lights and neon extending as far as you can see. Expressing the feel of Tokyo at night with words is not an easy task and neither it is with your average photography. I had the chance recently to learn about Sandro Bisaro, a photographer who specializes in night cityscapes. He covered Tokyo extensively. I’ll let the amazing images speak for themselves!

Shibuya Night
Shibuya at night
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Shiodome giant clock

Walking around Shiodome

Shiodome is a new business district of Tokyo with a very modern feeling. Skyscrapers of Shiodome host hotels, businesses and upscale restaurants. This is not an area of Tokyo especially catering to entertainment but can be nice to explore on your way to Hamarikyu Garden or before taking the Yurikamome train line on your way to Odaiba.

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Elisete Shiraishi, awesome photos of Japan

I came across Elisete’s photos on Flickr and was blown away by their aesthetic quality. I think a photo is successful when it makes you think and feel inside you: “wow I wish I was there”. Those photos just have that effect on me! I hope they’ll have the same effect on you!

This noodle dish is called Yakisoba, it is commonly served as street food during Japanese festivals.
Comida japonesa

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Miso Soup with Japanese sweet turnip (Kabu)

STEP 1 Miso soup is a staple of traditional Japanese Cuisine and is served with most meals whether it is for breakfast lunch or dinner. Here we will prepare a Miso soup which includes sweet Japanese turnips. Any turnip with subtle sweet taste will do. After washing the turnip thoroughly, cut in thin slices width-wise. Do not discard the stem and leaves, those are actually edible and add color to the soup.

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Nozawa Onsen snow

Missing winter already? Here’s a wonderful video about January in Japan.

A friend shared this video with me. I think it is splendid and worth sharing!

After arriving in Tokyo, they visit the Tsukiji fish market where fish auctions are held every morning (note the Tsukiji fish market does not exist anymore sadly). Then they visit the Ryōgoku Kokugikan, the sumo arena in Tokyo, to witness a tournament. A Shinkansen ride brings them into the mountains of Nagano where snow monkeys bath in hot volcanic water. Back in Tokyo, they visit Skytree in the evening. The next stop is Kyoto and its numerous shrines and temples. On the return trip to Tokyo, they have the chance to observed a splendid snow-covered Mount Fuji.

Lake of Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen

The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is one of the largest and busiest park of Tokyo. Located a short walk South-West of the very busy Shinjuku Station it is open to the public for a small fee (200¥). The garden’s walkways peacefully meander through flowers and ponds in high contrast to the adjacent, ultra-modern business district. In early spring, it becomes a prime location for enjoying Cherry Blossoms.

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